advisory services

Strategic guidance and fractional CTO capabilities, delivered when you need it.

What Is It?

Intrepid Advisory Services is a set of technology services for those who need technical guidance and strategic assistance on demand.

What does it do?

Technology is constantly evolving and it takes a lot of effort for any organisation to make sure that they are leveraging technology effectively, appropriately, and as economically as possible.

Realistically, technology also is more integral to some businesses than others. It’s difficult to justify investing your precious budget in technology especially if you don’t understand what you’re investing in. Every company does NOT need a CTO all of the time. For many businesses, you only really need the services of a CTO for a fraction of the time compared to other leadership positions in your organisation. Wouldn’t it be great to have an advisor to help you with technology only when you really need it? Kind of like getting traditional legal or accounting services but for technology?

Intrepid Advisory Services is a set of guidance and strategic services for those who need technical help and advice on demand. For the cost of an affordable monthly retainer, exceptional month-to-month value is provided through a reservation of technical expertise, time, and effort when you need it. Imagine a multi-functional complete technology team right there by your side only when you need them, for less than the cost of a single hire.

Why is that important?

All businesses need guidance and expertise occasionally when it comes to technology. However, many businesses don’t have the resources to spend on in-house technology capability especially if they won’t need it on an ongoing basis.

Our Advisory Services allow for a high-quality yet cost-effective solution for businesses that want a technology advisor for those instances when you need an expert to answer your questions and provide immediate solutions.

Like traditional legal and accounting services, we’ll be there for those recurring times of the season when technology solutions are required as well as those stressful one-off scenarios to provide the technical advice you need to get through the situation.

What are the benefits?

On-Demand Delivery

In-house technology capability (like a full-time CTO) may be overkill and their contributions aren’t needed all of the time. Our service provides technical advice and solutions only when you need them.

Cheaper than a Full-Time Hire

Having technology staff can be financially expensive and often require an investment of equity in the case of a full-time CTO. Our Advisory Services are broken down into multiple cost-effective levels that are cheaper than hiring a full-time executive.

Predictable SLA-Driven Response Time

Not only do we provide high-quality solutions, but also provide them in a timely manner. Our service is SLA-driven so you’ll know when you’ll receive a response to any of your technical queries.

Multi-Dimensional Experience

Having your own in-house team means you’ll need to spend resources on ensuring you have all the necessary technical expertise now and into the future. You benefit from multiple people’s experiences and capabilities through our advice service. We’ll bring ideas from a variety of different industries and businesses as well as technologies.

No Single Points of Failure

Our Advisory Services provides technical and CTO skills over a team of executive-level individuals, so you’re not dependent on a single person’s ideas and availability.