Benefits of a Technical Audit

Our technology auditing offering allows you to measure and validate the technology capabilities of a business to aid you with making the right decisions on how to proceed and de-risk any additional time and financial investment you may wish to make.

Here are some of the key benefits that our technical audits provide:

Evaluation Transparency

Our evaluations are conducted in a collaborative and transparent way where you and the evaluation business can see the exact validation criteria and how we intend to conduct the evaluation. This ensures no one is blindsided by audit results.

Baseline Comparisons

We’ve based our evaluation criteria on our decades of team experience in technology and established technology industry standards and best practices. We can quote examples of the evaluation baseline and how the evaluation business compares to it.

Risk Identification

We provide a risk matrix of key issues found in our audits and rank them based on their potential impact on the evaluation business. These ranked risk items are ideal for you to create a prioritised plan of action to address those items and for setting negotiation conditions.


We not only identify problems and underperforming areas but our experienced team also provides you a set of recommendations on how to address and fix those areas. These can be used in the decision-making process of what additional investment could be required.