Discovery is a critical phase in our approach. The answers to the following questions drive our solution design, strategic planning, and delivery approach when working with our clients.

Do you know what you have?

We explore what resources, skills, and parameters you’re starting with. You’ll have a clear view of whether you’re prepared or need additional items before we start.

Do you know what you need?

We delve into what’s required for you to achieve your business outcomes. We ensure your needs are documented and clear to everyone involved in the engagement.

Are there technology risks?

We identify and mitigate the key elements that could derail your solution. We set your expectations of potential pitfalls upfront so we all can prepare if they occur.

Are all stakeholders onboard?

We will help you ensure that all your stakeholders agree on the approach and success criteria for your solution. We make sure that everyone understands the purpose of the solution, any costs & risks involved, and how we plan to approach the delivery of the solution.