giving back

At Intrepid, we give back by donating 10% of our profits annually to charity that align with our values and goals. Each year, we carefully select organisations and initiatives ensuring our contributions make a meaningful difference.

Life is short, life is precious, we only get one.

We made this foundation to celebrate togetherness, challenge and being intrepid.

The foundation underwrites challenges and pilgrimages that:

  • Bring us together

  • Inspire or amaze us

  • Challenge us

  • Rally around someone doing something with purpose for a good cause

  • The participants achieve something that they previously didn’t think they could

How does it work?

  • Intrepid set aside 10% of profits year on year for charitable causes

  • Intrepid invites corporate sponsors to join the foundation and contribute a similar amount or contribute what they can to the foundation

  • Rather than donate directly to charities we use the funds to kickstart events that will raise more money for charity than a basic donation

  • Minimum target to raise for the year is equal to initial amount declared

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