Dedicated Service Desk

Dedicated Service Desk provides all the services available through Intrepid Service Desk, but with an increased level of customisation and process mapping, including the ability to define your own SLA’s and workflows, according to business need. You may already have some IT support in company, but you need to supplement that with robust helpdesk functionality, some onsite support, and the flexibility to scale the support to meet your company’s needs.

What we deliver

Fast Startup

Fast Startup

Our streamlined on-boarding process utilises our ‘out-of-the-box’ software, customising it for your business, meaning that you can be up and running quickly.



Dedicated Service Desk allows you to customise the SLA’s and workflows within the system to match your internal processes and integrate with your existing IT support function.



Access to an IT architect to help you develop the right IT strategy for your business.

Case Study - JP Reis (Dedicated Service Desk)

The Intrepid IT Support solution leverages their internal support platform while integrating, and not laying to waste, our existing capabilities which we have developed over years of investment. We now feel the freedom to focus on driving our business forward safe in the knowledge our IT systems are solid and reliable.

Client: JP Reis

A global consultancy firm leading the development, integration and implementation of communications systems across financial services and workspace design.


The client had grown rapidly with IT Support having previously been provided as and when by in-house staff on an ad-hoc basis - there was no dedicated resource. After undertaking a review of its costs, the Client wanted to be able to rely on improved IT Support and reduce the burden on specialised in-house staff who had other client responsibilities. Under capacity with in-house IT resources and inefficiencies in collaboration were preventing a successful implementation of the company wide cost-cutting activity.


Rollout of existing IT Support Portal Functionality with layered Client specific custom capabilities & integrations. Intrepid implemented and maintained the IT support portal which fully integrated with the existing IT support function to handle end user interaction, issue logging, ticket assignment and agent performance tracking while providing SLA governed target response and resolution times, a secure hosting environment and cross-business unit collaboration.

Value Delivered

Following the Dedicated Service Desk roll out the Client has been newly enabled to confidently make changes to systems and infrastructure and rely on expert support in case of issues. In addition to being the critical IT deliverable in an internal cost cutting drive, the Client now experiences enhanced availability of employees to focus on the core business and drive additional value to their business through secure IT reliability and adaptability.



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