project delivery

Entrust us with your custom technical project.

What is it?

We work with you in the ideation, planning, design, build, testing, and deployment of custom innovative solutions. We bring your ideas to life using our proven technology delivery process focused on meeting your business outcomes.

What does it do?

Do you have a great idea that needs technology to bring it to life? With all the great things you can achieve through technology, many are only limited in leveraging technology because they lack a guide, roadmap, and skills to get them there.
Intrepid Project Delivery is focused on helping our customers realise their intended business outcomes by providing full technology lifecycle options in the areas of ideation, planning, design, build, testing, and deployment.
Our offering is driven by a well-proven delivery process methodology that takes our customers through the journey of discovery and implementation with the goal of achieving their intended outcomes with little to no surprises along the way.

Why is that important?

It’s easy to get lost along the way when trying to achieve your dreams. Whether it be a lack of knowledge, ability, or structure. These setbacks lead to wasted time, effort, and cost. Worst of all if these setbacks aren’t contained you may never get to the destination at all.
We help our customers move above the technology and focus on the business outcomes they set out to achieve. Our team takes away a lot of the extra effort, mistakes, and distractions that can happen during the delivery of a project and keeps the delivery on track toward success. We use a well-proven delivery methodology that has helped many of our customers stay on track and get everything that they wanted out of their initiatives.

What are the benefits?

Organise Your Thoughts and Understanding

Most projects aren’t kicked off properly because of a lack of understanding. Before starting you must clearly know what your desired business outcomes are as well as any dependencies, risks, and success criteria. We’re very good at collaborating with our customers to talk through their motivations, ambitions, and capabilities. You’ll receive a clear understanding of what you want and what you have before beginning any expensive engagement.

Multi-dimensional Ideas

Working with us you get the benefit of working with a team who has executed a well-proven delivery methodology using different technologies and deployed to various different industries. We’ll use our experience to tailor a well-informed and effective custom solution for you that could leverage innovative ideas from unconventional places.

Confident and Collaborative Planning

Working with our team and our delivery methodology is a confidence builder for any project. We give you a well-laid-out roadmap of all parts of the delivery that shows how each part depends on the other and when you’ll see it delivered. Coupled with consistent collaboration with you, our methodology focuses on ensuring your expectations are always set properly and you can rely on us that we’re doing what we say.

Reliable Solution Delivery

Our methodology, expertise, and work ethic allow us to give reliable solution delivery metrics that you can budget and plan around. Our discovery phase in our methodology clears up many of the potential catastrophic pitfalls that can derail a project’s time estimates. Our team’s focus on setting expectations and collaborations allows for immediate escalation of any unforeseen problems.