Last week the team at Intrepid went to see modern day philosopher, author and leadership guide Simon Sinek speak in central London. We’ve always been interested in the way Sinek views todays' workplace and what he has to say about modern human motivations for choosing a career path and company.

 Sinek was keen to impress his vision of organisations that value freedom over profit, emphasising we should see profit as not the end goal but as a means to achieving freedom. This perspective has affirmed our core mantra ‘Freedom through Efficiency’ - we believe that when a business is running efficiently leaders are free to think and talent is free to deliver. You can imagine what raising the bar to this level brings!

 The Help-Others Industry takes this a step further and Intrepid is very much in sync with the concept. In addition to helping other businesses grow we're especially proud of being able to share our freedom with others, donating a portion of our profits to charities focusing on massively saving the time required just to survive in developing countries. An example of this is when people don't have to walk miles for clean water they have more time and energy to help improve their community.

 We’re really proud of the ethos behind our business, and feel very strongly that our role is to help and support other businesses in their search for efficiency – whether through technology or process improvement. The work we do genuinely improves the way people do business and makes their lives better.  And we think that’s pretty cool!

 To find out more about Simon Sinek and his work you can visit his website here