The way we work is evolving – ever more applications and tools are being added to the knowledge workers arsenal. Trello, Slack, Teams, Hangouts, JIRA, Confluence, Office365, SharePoint, OneDrive, Box, DropBox - the list feels endless and that's before mentioning any industry or profession specific applications. Each user has an identity (or user account) on each of the applications. A typical small business with 30 users may be using just 5 different applications and this results in 150 individual user accounts!

Provisioning applications for a fluid and ever shifting workforce is a challenge.

Managing the application access and provisioning needs for a constant flow of consultants, interims and new starters and leavers can be a full time job. And in today’s connected world, security is key. You may be running 20 plus software applications across various project groups and staff – you need to make sure that people have the right access at the right time, in the most secure way.

We work with many clients who have these challenges – consultants need to be up and running quickly to be cost effective and efficient. Projects are set up in an instant, and need the right tools available.  Time is money, and it’s easy to delay projects and workers with slow set up.

How can an organisation better manage its applications provisioning needs, in a way that's efficient and cost effective?

We have partnered with Okta, a cloud based identity management solution provider to give our clients best in class identity management and application provisioning. By keeping access to all your apps in one, centrally managed place you can guarantee security, as well as ensuring that provisioning can happen instantly. 

Bringing a new consultant onto the team? They can be assigned to a group that gives them immediate, secure access to the tools they need. At the end of the assignment, you can remove their access in just one step.  

Gone are the days of lengthy starter/leaver checklists – just setting up an account in Okta means you can give access to everything your new starter needs. And their log-in can be protected with multi step authentication – meaning that in the age of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD), people can work on the tools they feel most comfortable with – in a way that provide you security and peace of mind. For example you can give different levels of access for log-ins within the corporate network - but a different level if the user is accessing it from outside the network.

We’re really excited about what Okta can deliver, and the freedom it gives back to in-house IT teams. 

Struggling with your software provisioning? Talk to Intrepid to find out how we can make your life easier, and give you back that most valuable of resources – time.