News this week has been full of the latest ‘crypto’ attack, with big corporations and government agencies reporting that operations have been disrupted by the hackers. Following on the heels of the much reporting ‘Wannacry’ ransomware attack last month, companies really need to consider the impact that such an attack would have on their businesses, as the likelihood of being targeted increases.

It appears that this latest attack is similar to the Wannacry outbreak as it targets vulnerabilities in unpatched or out-dated Windows systems. It seems to have particularly targeted industrial or large users who might not be able to patch machines quickly. 

This enforces the need for companies of all sizes to have robust policies and procedures in place for updating and patching all their machines. Infosecurity Magazine estimated that the cost to businesses in 2016 of ransomware attacks was in excess of ¢1bn – and this figure seems certain only to grow in 2017 with the increase in hacker activity. We’d encourage companies to consult with their internal or out-sourced IT service provider to ensure that all system patches are applied correctly and that machines aren’t running out-of-support operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and other.

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