Microsoft has released an exciting new cloud based product suite that brings together your favourite desktop apps like Word and Excel, online services such as Skype for Business, Exchange email and apps like Microsoft Bookings and Outlook Customer Manager together with security and management enhancement of Windows 10 Pro and mobile devices.

It’s a simple product suite, designed to help your staff and business work more productively while improving connectivity and collaboration. What’s more, it’s aimed at small and medium businesses, meaning you’ll be able to get more done in your business without having to make pricey and time consuming infrastructure investments as well as unifying multiple products into a single package.

Benefits and Uses

Microsoft 365 Business includes Office 365 Premium, so each user will have desktop versions Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc and be able to access and store their files on 1TB of cloud storage. If you have staff that like to work remotely or like to access documents in the evening, they’ll be able to do their work and even work on sensitive documents or information securely thanks to customized security options for the accessing files as well as Windows Defender. If you’re a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) company, the included features allow you to customize how and where data can be downloaded, shared and updated. That allows you to have peace of mind that your data is always protected. If and any of your employee’s devices become compromised (e.g. stolen or left on the train) you can securely wipe any company data from the device remotely. Same if the person leaves the company, you can securely remove company data only from the system without affecting users private data.

Microsoft 365 offers regular software updates as part of the subscription, meaning you be working with the fastest and up to date tools. Factor in that each device will be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, you really begin to see why using Microsoft 365 can benefit your business.

If you’re worried whether your business’ existing systems will be compatible, Microsoft advises that any machines operating Windows 7 or 8 meet the minimum requirements to use Microsoft 365 Business and most, if not all programmes or apps on the device should be compatible too.

Microsoft 365 Business is a very cost effective option, with prices starting at $20 per month per user, for businesses with up to 300 users. There’s no complicated deployment, all apps are ready to use “out of the box”, so users will be able to use tools they’re already familiar with quickly while learning to use the simple new tools included without having to waste time going back and forth with your internal IT department.