support services

SLA driven monthly services that provide support for your operations

What is it?

Intrepid Support Services are a set of convenient technical services focused on user support, technology maintenance, and solution hosting for businesses that have no desire to manage these types of services themselves.

What does it do?

We offer robust SLA-driven user support, technology maintenance, and solution hosting services targeted toward small to medium-sized businesses that have no ability or desire to hire full-time staff to manage these types of services themselves.
Our set of managed services allows you to delegate the responsibility of several common technology-based capabilities to our experienced team of technologists. We have a state-of-the-art toolset to ensure that we execute our managed services efficiently and transparently.

Why is that important?

Not every business needs to have in-house technology capabilities for things like user support, maintenance, and hosting. Whether it be because the business isn’t large enough to support these services themselves, or the services are supplementary rather than core to business operations, it may make more sense to delegate the responsibility.

We provide a set of monthly services that will cover these responsibilities for you.
What it really means to your business, is access to the relevant expertise and skills when needed in a managed service. We’ll assign a highly available point of contact in the UK with proven expertise preventing the need for you to build your own management system, pay recruitment fees, and manage and hire developers. Our service offers the flexibility to expand the scope of our services at short notice and with financial visibility, displaying business improvements.

What are the benefits?

Our solution provides a flexible, scalable support, maintenance, and support service, giving you access to development experts, based in the UK, who will identify and address issues reported by your users and stakeholders.

Resource Management

We take away the headache of resourcing and maintaining your own in-house team of professionals. Our team of experienced software technicians provides a flexible resource pool that you can scale up or down to meet your business needs.


Our team has extensive experience across a range of the most commonly used tools and technologies. You can even bring in specific and distinct development skill sets on a project-based approach if required.

Fast Start-up

We’re focused on getting you up and running as quickly as possible via our proven onboarding process and management portal.

User Experience

We can handle inquiries and issue management directly with your user base, via our online portal, email, or phone.