the acceleration

The future looks bright for the company and we set our sights on hitting new company milestones. The pivot we made in to a holistic delivery approach and advisory services has paid off. A focus on Intrepid Advisory Services has led to many new opportunities for company growth and is deemed the cornerstone for achieving our goals. Specifically, the fractional CTO offering has proved to be an influential part of our business that has led to many new engagement opportunities.

Small to Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) are a key area of growth and provide the opportunity for us to be part of new and exciting areas to solve challenging problems. Large organisations continue to be part of our target market but primarily for our
staff-based business.

Other Notable Accomplishments & Projects

  • Our Delivery Organisation establishes delivery capability in Spain and Poland

  • We build our first Data Science and Engineering division to build NLP solutions for Credit Suisse

  • Little Journey collaborates with us to build their go-to-market version of their data/mobile platform that

  • supports kids and their families who are going through medical procedures

  • We partner with SAFE to digitally transform a lithium mine in Africa. The solution was built to help reduce manual error and to monitor/audit mining activities.

  • In collaboration with IA Connects, we work with MyGlobalHome to build their IoT platform for new-build housing developers. The platform monitors and configures all IoT devices in a given home.

  • We become a Gold Partner for Microsoft Azure Cloud

  • We establish more key partnerships with DataStax, Aerospike, Collibra, and SGFE