the change years

Change was a big part of our company during this era. There were changes in leadership and overall strategic approach for the company. Building products for the company was deprioritised and a greater emphasis on consulting and services was made. The creation of the Intrepid Service Desk (ISD) offering opened new business opportunities in IT Support and Software Maintenance services.

Consulting work moved into the financial services industry through JP Reis and opened new industry opportunities. These opportunities produced the original components of JP Reis' TIMM unified communication platform.

Other Notable Accomplishments & Projects

  • Our office moved to Ibex House office in The Minories

  • Joanne Preston joined Intrepid to run the Operations team

  • Thomas Radosh joined Intrepid to manage and execute the ISD offering

  • Andy Ferris joined Intrepid to manage PMO and Process Change functions

  • A major project for QuantumBlack was launched at their new office near Barbican, this became managing their whole IT infrastructure and an ISO27001 implementation as McKinsey Consulting was about to acquire them

  • Our first Software Maintenance as-a-service contracts with Visbuzz & Nielsen

  • JP Reis had us take on their software development and the modern-day TIMM unified telecommunications migration and management platform was born