the early scaling

We achieved the next level of scale in this era fuelled by aggressive expansion into financial services for the staff-based business and aviation projects for the project-based business. Key engagements during this era saw the company size triple to accommodate the projects that we were delivering.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 killed a lot of our momentum, particularly in the aviation industry, and a pivot in thinking and strategy was required to stay on track. A complete mindset reset on our approach to consulting was made that focused on ‘Owning the Outcome’ and the holistic path to get there via road maps, deliverables, derisking, and maintenance. On the back of this new service-based business offerings were created that formed the foundation of Intrepid Advisory Services.

Other Notable Accomplishments & Projects

  • Our office moved to a larger space at the WeWork One Poultry office in the City of London then eventually down the street to the SPACES office near Cannon Street Station

  • A large regulatory project was conducted at TD Securities that expanded to be part of a larger regulatory programme

  • Undertook a digital transformation project for the AJW Group to digitise their sales process

  • Segun Meduoye joined to help drive and manage financial services at Intrepid

  • We partnered with our former leader Daf Davies to form SAFE Supply. SAFE provides information awareness to mining supply chains

  • TIMM officially is born as a platform and used at JP Morgan Chase