the early years

Intrepid’s journey started on December 31st, 2010 when Alex Preston and Matt Glace founded the company to build applications using Microsoft Technologies. The company originally focused on Microsoft Windows Phone 7 applications and building a hosted service using Microsoft Pivot Viewer. The latter was the inspiration for the original name of the company “Pivot Engine”.

Technology consulting was also a main driver of initial business where Microsoft .NET development was the main offering.

Other Notable Accomplishments & Projects

  • First office, subletting from “Front Room” on Charlotte Road, near Old Street

  • The first 2 additions to the team - Daf Davies and Azim Palmer

  • The first major consulting project for the company was for the British Airports Authority/Heathrow Airport. Intrepid built a ground traffic control system situational awareness platform for air traffic controllers. This became the flagship project for this era and officially launched the company to the next level.

  • Built a data point visualisation and monitoring system to support the excavation and engineering work for the Cross Rail project a major new railway line running across London through QuantumBlack (the line is now known as the Elizabeth Line).

  • Competed in the Level-39 FinServ incubator in Canary Wharf and built the ‘3 People’ application.

  • We sold our first “as a Service” offering to QuantumBlack for hosting their DevOps processes on our TeamCity server. QuantumBlack would become a major recurring account for Intrepid.

  • We established our first major alliance partner JP Reis, a global leader in unified communications for financial services.