technology auditing
Essential Comprehensive Technology Due Diligence

Our technology auditing offering allows you to measure and validate the technology capabilities of a business to aid you with making the right decisions on how to proceed and de-risk any additional time and financial investment you may wish to make.

What is Intrepid Technology Auditing?

Inappropriately using technology could lead to substantial issues with competitiveness, flexibility, and efficiency.

This could mean a significant additional financial and time investment for you to fix.

Intrepid Technology Auditing is a package of due diligence audits and evaluations for customers looking to validate an organisation’s ability to adopt, implement, maintain, and manage technology in their business operations.

We offer a complete technology auditing and evaluation solution for customers looking for an opinion and validation of the technical aptitude of a business. Customers can take the form of investors such as Venture Capitalists or Private Equity Firms looking to perform due diligence before investing in a business.

Customers could also be a business looking to get an honest evaluation of their own IT strategy.